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Adobe Photoshop Launches Miniature Version for Android iPhone

Photoshop® Touch® launched for iPhone and Android at $5. With pretty much the same features as the tablet version, this is available at both Google Play and the App Store.

Overview of Adobe® Photoshop®

Now avail multiple features of Photoshop from iPad, iPod Touch, iPhone, and Android phones and tablets.  The Touch facilitates combining of images, and application of professional effects. With this, you can now share the result through various social media websites like Facebook.

Be imaginative anywhere!

Each feature of this software is designed to address the different requirements of any mobile website design.

Retina display: The software is compatible with the new Retina Display feature available on the Apple devices.

Core features: The new Touch contains filters, layers, selection tools, and adjustments that help you create pristine images. The new Scribble Select allows easy upkeep and removal of certain elements from an image.

Multiple layers: With Touch, multiple images can now be combined with layers. The layer order can be readjusted and its opacity can be controlled, etc. The application ensures manipulation of multiple layers seamlessly.

Scribble Selection: The new tools enable combining images together. Any part of the image can be extracted with this scribbler.

Edge aware Painting: With this, discover a whole new world of Finger Painting! This option enables auto detection where paint should stop. Now, add colors until the edge of the image without any restraints. Use your fingertips to select image elements easily even when combining different items from different images, like a strand of hair.

Integrated with Adobe’s Creative Cloud: Sync all images with tablets, desktops and phones with access to Adobe’s Cloud service.

With this launch, one can now apply color and tone with precision to the entire image or even a particular layer. Photoshop Touch enables connectivity through Cloud. It is also fitted with a unique camera feature that enables the user to add layers in their creation using the phone’s existing camera.

Avail Photoshop Touch at Google Play or iTunes.

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