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Benefits of CSS in Web Design

Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) are used to give a elegant look and formatting of the page elements like layout color, fonts, alignments, images etc to a document that written in the markup language. You can easily control the properties of the elements by the CSS. CSS can be easily called from all the pages. Here are some benefits using the CSS.

CSS makes the Pages good looking

The design using HTML only doesn’t look well, but if the CSS is blended with the HTML at the time of website design, it gives the web pages decent look and makes the pages technically stronger.

The time to design the site is reduced

At the time of designing, the properties of the elements of the pages are controlled through the class written in the CSS. So the designer doesn’t have to define the properties again and again. It reduces the time of the designing.

The designing becomes easier

As the CSS can be controlled centrally from an external file, it becomes very easier for the designers to work. Just define the properties of the page elements in classes once and call the class in the pages several times.

Web page load time would be reduced

Cascading Style Sheet reduces the page load time. The CSS is downloaded once and stored locally, when the next pages are opening the CSS is not downloaded further thus the pages load faster.

CSS saves the server space and bandwidth

CSS is created in a separate page and it is called in the pages through link. Hence you can easily cut down the overall amount of codes in your web pages. The size of the webpage become smaller and your web server space could be saved. As it is downloaded once for the full session, it saves the bandwidth also.

CSS allows you to place the page elements anywhere

It becomes easier for the Web developers to position the page elements where ever they wish to give the page a good look. And CSS also helps to change the properties of the page elements. E.g. if a particular section of the pages need bigger text in any other color compared to existing, It can be done easily with the CSS. No need to change all the pages of the portal individually. Thus CSS reduces the risks colligated with the maintenance of the website.

CSS has the all browsers compatibility

CSS is compatible with all the browsers. All browsers support the CSS and its functionalities. Thus, the web designers and web developers don’t have to think about the page elements’ functionalities. The websites which are using the CSS appear similar in all the browsers. CSS functions same in all the browsers.

Users can easily customize the webpage

Currently many websites give the liberty to the users to change the web pages as per their choice without changing the contents. If users wish to change the fonts, color of the page, even layout also that can be done through the CSS. This makes better user interactivity in the websites.

CSS style sheets make your website more search engines friendly

Most of the images can be easily controlled through the CSS. Thus CSS makes the web pages light. It can control the page elements’ properties from outside. This makes the page well structured. Google rewards the websites that are well structured.

If you use the CSS wisely you will be benefited from all the aspects. You can save time, can save effort and also can save money. CSS makes the website lighter and also the user friendly. It gives the websites a greater and better look and feel to attract the visitors.

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