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Directory submission

Directory submission can be defined as the process of submission of websites in relevant directories. The address and a small description on the services and products are provided to the directory.

After the Penguin-Panda update, it has become important to submit in quality directories. BrandMantra ascertains that the directories are locally focused and belong to the same vertical. Quality and relevant directory submissions help build the link library. A small task, it has positive impact, as the directory submission process is safe. We select the directories based on the following four factors:


Not all directories are created equal. We select the ones that are superior in quality, and are indexed by Google. We also submit your website in paid niche directories, as they are safe. As Google refines its signals of authority, we employ only vertical related and niche directories that is high quality. We do not submit sites in the directories with ads or the ones that do not have any editorial review process.


Google dis-indexes all website directories that act as scrapbooking. We believe in submitting your website to directories that are relevant and suitable for the listing as it is crucial. Quality directories are displayed in search results. Therefore submitting the website would help in ranking the keywords.


It is important to be diverse as it helps in building a robust link profile. To avoid being Penguin slapped, we implement strategies that use multiple deep links, creative titles, descriptions, and keywords.

Timing for Submission

Using a patient approach, we submit the URL in recommended and relevant directories. This helps in developing a solid link profile that is not affected with updates. Since all updates is about relevance and quality, we ensure to keep the two in the forefront.

It is a useful tool for SEO and we use it in a legitimate fashion that suits your requirements. For more details on our services, contact sales@brandmantra.net.

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