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Five Features of Android That Can Inspire iOS

Android and iOS has often been pitted against each other. Some of the broad-minded users would acknowledge that Apple and Google could actually inspire one another and swap some ideas. In this spirited conversation, it was often agreed that the two operating systems could actually inspire each other. This blog recognizes how to improve the features of iOS that would be useful to the users. It has been seen that Apple has kept an eye towards appealing implementation. What are the features that can inspire Apple?

Quick Access Settings in Notification Center

Some device settings are preferred more than the others are. It can be Wi-Fi on/off toggle, brightness control, Do not disturb or the Personal Hotspot Toggle. In the Android, the users can access certain settings via the personalized Notification Center. This enables seamless access to toggle without exiting an app. If the Notification shade can be still accessed inside a third party app, the user can adjust the settings without leaving the app. A feature like this would decrease the number of taps required otherwise, simplifying usability and enhancing the iOS experience.

Spelling Suggestions

iOS offering spelling suggestions is frustrating. Period. You are typing and then suddenly iOS decides that the text you’ve written isn’t right. iOS suggests the correction and if you don’t tap on the word clarifying its accuracy, it would have corrected itself. We can only imagine the frustration brewing when someone has to tap on words repeatedly. Still, iOS goes and auto corrects, and man is it irritating! The entire word has to be replaced and battle continues. Then, there are no direct user editable dictionaries present. The word has to be entered as text macros or simply hope that the app does track the accurate spelling.

Android gives a better deal. When typing a word unknown hitherto, the OS will suggest solutions above the keyboard. Even if it manages to modify some word that you didn’t want, a single backspace restores it to the original format and offer an opportunity to add it in the dictionary. Just for the sake of sanity, Apple should adopt this feature.

Google Now-style related services

Google Now does the Siri like voice actions, however, we don’t want to take this away. The part we want Apple to adopt is the Google Now’s ability to provide notifications and services based on relevant details like the location, whether you are mobile, schedule or so on and so forth.

Google Now presents an amazing feature i.e. by scanning the upcoming appointments of the user’s calendar, the feature displays routing and traffic notifications. It can inform about transportation schedules and close points of interest. The list of its capabilities does not stop here. It examines past history to find the information like favorite sports team and offers relevant information which is immensely cool. The professional can benefit from the alert and email notifications.

The ability to set up default applications

Perhaps Chrome is more used than Firefox, but every time the user types a link, it opens in the Safari. Android recognizes the existence of multiple apps that perform the same functions. They change the default settings of these apps ensuring that they are launched only in the desired browser.

Home screen shortcuts can be placed within apps

In iOS, the users can set the home screen icons as bookmarks to the web apps or web pages in Safari. Pretty convenient, but it’s does not provide the same functionality. Android scores here. It gives users easy access to information without having to navigate to other places. In iOS, you just might have to navigate through multiple screens before getting the appropriate information that is wanted. The ability to directly access a functionality of an app is not available with the iOS.

What else?

We have already discussed how the iOS can inspire Android, and vice versa. We are sure that there are more features that can be crossed over between the two platforms. Let us know what you think.

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