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Google Chromebook Pixel to Compete with Apple’s MacBook

Google launched its Chromebook Pixel on 21 February 2013. A laptop, this Chromebook is built to compete with the top end of the market. Priced at £1049, the laptop by Google would be available with one terabyte of storage.

Using operating system called the Chrome OS the Chromebooks encourage its users to adopt the web for its computing needs. Things like online services such as email, Google Drive, Google Music, and Google Hangouts are included. They are useful offline, however, their performance is superior with a web connection. Acer, Lenovo, HP, Samsung, and Acer manufactured the previous models. The addition of offline email access in Chromebook Pixel has enhanced this struggling line.

Features of the Pixel

The Google Chromebook Pixel is the first touchscreen. It would challenge Windows 8 and make multitasking seamless by enabling different applications and editing the photographs with a touch. Google aims to make a device for users “living in the cloud!” Like all other Chrome OS products, Pixel too, does not sustain the desktop software. It makes its users live entirely on the browser windows and other web based applications.

The Vice President of Engineering, Linus Upson laid stress on its design, and said it was inspired from the Ultrabooks, whose inception came after Apple’s MacBook Pro and MacBook Air range. The most noted feature of the device remains its screen having more pixels per inch than any other laptop.

Google, the company that previously tiptoed into hardware, is taking giant leaps now. Sundar Pichai, Google’s SVP of Chrome, commented on the touchpad being made of glass. The laptop is refined with laser to ensure good gripping surface. Accompanying the laptop is three microphones, with one below the keyboard to cancel out the annoying typing noise.

Is Pixel beyond Nexus?

Upson claimed the device to be the ultimate culmination of hardware, software and design. The objective of Pixel is, “make the pixels disappear, giving people the best web experience.” With the aim to take up Apple’s superior quality display, Pixel comes with highest pixel density in a laptop. Apple offers retina display of 220ppi (MacBook) and they claim that this is more than what the human eye can actually perceive. 4.3 million pixels present in the Chromebook Pixel operate together to present precise text, vivid colors and extra wide visibility angles.

The body of the laptop is made with anodized aluminum alloy. It’s smooth, durable, with covered vents, invisible screws, and the stereo speakers that are sneaked away beneath the backlit keyboard. Powered with Intel Core i5 Processor, it uses solid-state memory. However, the Pixel goes beyond this, it is the laptop that converge Google’s two operating systems, the Chrome and the Android.

Smooth touch interactions, photographic format that improves the pixels performance, favorite Google products, and zero maintenance, Pixel comes with in-built LTE that delivers fast connectivity across Verizon Network.

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