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Is There a Best Time To Publish Posts in Facebook Page?

For years, the social media marketers have been obsessed in figuring out the best time to post in Facebook. Time, effort and money have gone into finding the correct solution to this problem. The idea is to find one solution that would apply to 50 million Facebook business pages. There is no dearth of answers to this problem.

A research by bit.ly said that posting during the mid-week from 1 to 3 pm EST is best. Facebook posts should be avoided in weekends. Another post by Buddy Media, states that posting on the weekends especially between the 8 pm to 7 am timeframe, is highly desired. There are other posts that define the best period ranging from 6 pm to 8 pm. And, the list is goes on! Thousand others state otherwise. All these sources are reputable and based on thorough research. However, their analysis is fundamentally flawed.  So, does an actual time to post in Facebook really exist?

Competition of Posts

Before figuring out the complexity of finding the appropriate time to post, it is important to understand “Competition of Facebook Posts”. What does this mean? Simply put, whenever posting on the Timeline, a post competes with thousands of other posts, actions and interactions by each connection of the fan’s social graph. For example, whenever I post anything, it competes with thousands of stories by my friends, apps news and group’s posts. Now you may be wondering, is posting during this time sensible? The idea to post from 1 to 3 pm was generated from the fact that the most activity occurs during this time. Posting would enhance engagement. This is true, but only if the Facebook fans are located in US and East Coast time zone. The Facebook posts should be actually successful in making it into the news feed of the fans.

With so much activity, there is an increased competition to get into news feed. Irrespective of the number of stories being generated, the stories displayed there remain constant. Therefore, can the page post actually compete with the friend’s status updates and Instagram photos? The answer is probably no.

Diverse Time Zones and Fan Bases

Facebook fan base is all over the world. This is true for companies that have an extensive fan base. Each locale has different proportions of these bases. The mishmash of geographies makes it impossible to provide a definitive conclusion on the time to publish a post. Each business would therefore have different peak time to post.

However, if you are still waiting for the conclusive time, check out your Facebook Insights! From the Insights, you need to find the different posts that have generated the most interaction over the last three months. This would provide you the information regarding the best time and day to post. People will always be interacting on Facebook. It doesn’t matter when these people are communicating, what matters is when your target customers are.

Less is more

When considering the number of posts per day, less is more. It has been seen that business pages posting two times a day has more interactivity than those who circulate three posts per day. The report by Buddy Media states that the key in posting is “not to bombard fans… as Facebook News Feed optimization often penalizes for this.” The report also suggests remaining within 80 characters. These publishing have been found to receive 23% more interaction. If they are accompanied with an image, the interaction rate increases to 39%.

Finding the best time to post for your fans is not overwhelming. Analyzing the insights would provide a general idea. Using emoticons, asking questions and limiting the number of posts to two or less, are some of other nuggets that should be kept in mind.

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