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Launch of Adobe Dreamweaver Creative Cloud

Adobe Dreamweaver Creative CloudThe Adobe Dreamweaver is a curious beast, loved and loathed in equal measure. For most, it is the best WYSIWYG editor found in the market, for others it is still another WYSIWYG. This is the reason that revitalizing Dreamweaver was no mean feat.

After a long wait of 18 months, Adobe finally released Creative Cloud.  The new version was received with anticipation, and so far, it does look promising.

Adobe had recognized the inflation that had crippled its earlier versions. Removing all the redundant components of the application, it is their hope that the simplified UI will improve workflow.

Live View

The intuitive live view introduced provides an integrated rendering engine with the same performance with HTML5 and CSS3 support. With similar HTML5 and CSS3 support as seen in the Chrome browser, the designers can now test the design without leaving the application. This saves time as user can test content without switching in and out.

Live Highlight

The user can see the relationship between the HTML elements in Live View and applied CSS selectors. This is a boon for developers who had to otherwise dig through the commented codes in search of an appropriate selector.

New Code View

The improved Code View incorporates line numbers and matching tags. The new CSS selector code hinting includes preference support for color customization.

New Sync Settings

Logging in with Creative Cloud enables synchronizing from any computer. One can synchronize the preferences, custom workspaces, keyboard shortcuts, and site settings also. The user can tailor their workflow and access it irrespective of where they go.

Other than the new streamlined workflow, the Adobe Creative Cloud also includes features like jQuery UI widgets, Edge web fonts, and enhanced CSS designer. Adobe promises this up gradation to be a continuous process. Revolutionizing the Creative Workflow, this new version can really be called your “one stop publishing shop.”

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