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Unfurling the Social Media Flag in Olympics 2012

The Hurrah of the winners in the London 2012 Olympics will reach more people online than on the stadiums. Major global brands will be up for the social media triumph in the midst of the games. Global audience will get an opportunity to exploit the Facebook Furore and participate in the games like never before.

Accelerating the Spectator Buzz

Sports lovers across the world are very keen in getting their faces painted with the team colors. So the Electronic giant Panasonic has launched a unique Facebook app- Flag Tags. Supporters of a particular team can post snaps and float it across the app. Your snap will receive a face painted by your team flag. You can flaunt this new found national pride on your wall or use it as your profile picture.

3 Cheers for the Home Team

With the ongoing trend of blending social media with important international events, 2012 Olympics too is sparkling bright with cool features. British Airways have crafted an innovative #HomeAdvantage hashtag on Facebook to let the social media populace cheer and jeer for their team. Well, with less than a month to go for the opening ceremony, britons are extensively gearing on this feature. Olympic organizers are anticipating a gigantic usage of tweets from live events from players and spectators. Facebook will also have a strong presence through posts, post match photos, videos and more.

An eye on Social Decorum

The governing body of the games has also extended its support to the social media buzz. However it has asked athletes and team personnel to share and interpret their own views on blogs, Twitter and Facebook. Sportspersons have been advised not to favor any particular brand or commercial. The authorities have made it clear that all broadcasting guidelines should strictly follow while uploading films. Everyone is hoping that London Olympics will rewrite social media history, considering the expanse of the event.

T for Tickets O for Olympics B for BMW

Cheering your team from the Olympic stands is the dream of any sports enthusiast. So Hurry up and spot and take a picture of the GoldenBMW car to win a prized ticket to the global sports event. An exciting opportunity indeed!

Olympic Zing

How can a Sports event with a universal reach succeed sans any music? Coca-Cola has sculpted an app where you can conceive a beat exclusively for the Olympics. This app also has a strong presence on the Android platform.

A dedicated Games Page and the exclusive London 2012 Olympics page on Facebook are witnessing deafening response from across the world. The organizers are also having an exciting time in interacting with the global populace on the London 2012 Festival page. Visitors will be able to make a ready reckoner of the celebratory events around the city.

So given that Facebook is the most enthusiastic entity on Olympic land, London is sure to create history.

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