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Website Design Development Pricing

What would be the cost of your User Friendly Web Design ?

Thinking of publishing a new website? Wondering where best to approach for your designing? We are here at your service. Your website is your 24 hr market where you can make a profit even when you are not working consciously. So you need to have a website that gives you the best business and the most lucrative profits. But you have also to keep in mind the price you have to pay, and the quality of the work that you receive.

The Aims

Everyone always wants to have the best Quality Price Ratio or QPR. From the client’s point of view, the QPR would fall into four categories-

  1. Bad design that is expensive,
  2. Bad design that is cheap,
  3. Good design that is expensive, and
  4. Good design that is cheap.

Though all the clients would like to aim for the fourth and last category, they must keep in mind certain factors that affect the price of a good and lucrative website.

The Factors

1. Domain registration – the domain name or web address or URL is an irrevocable cost, though it does vary. Registering a domain name is cheap, and some companies offer it for free. However most of these domains are inevitably affiliated to spam and are awfully shady sites and would be an inappropriate business deal.

Some companies will charge you more for your domain name, but if they help you find the best and most effective domain name, then it might be worth paying more.

2. Hosting – this is the monthly or annual fee that you inevitably have to pay for the space you are provided in the web.

3. Design – while designing your website you need to keep in mind your objectives and how much you are willing to pay to get a lucrative return. Simple designs look good and are cheaper. But in the professional world, frankly speaking, simple things do not always attract business. Often people have to be flashy and classy to attract the right kind of clients. In that context simple colour, text and images often do not seem beneficial. One has to include a few animations and illustrations in Flash, and thus the price increases. Special and exclusive logos also attract clients.

4. CMS and Ecommerce – CMS or content management system enable you to directly upload changes on the world server. And Ecommerce enables your clients to buy directly from your website. These facilities will make your website handier for your clients; however they will increase your price considerably.

5. Copy writing – though you may attempt writing your own web content yourself as many people prefer to do, however it is not advisable. As writing content is much more complex than merely typing SMS or emailing a friend. Your content should be attractive professionally to ensnare the attention of your clients, and for this only a professional content writer can give you the best results.

6. SEO – SEO or search engine optimization help your website to be visible among the topmost pages of a particular search result. This involves both onsite and offsite optimizations.

Onsite optimizations is the creating and writing of a website in a manner that makes it more visible for the search engines as well as the human visitors.

Offsite optimization implies submitting your website to search engines and directories, engaging in social media, and providing you with the best contents.

All this needs paying for, and for your site to be visible this is essential.

7. Branding – brand brings goodwill and higher efficiency. You must go to the best brands in designing for the most profitable designs. For all of this, specialized skill is required and of course, the best skill will be provided by the best brands.

It is advisable and essential that you keep these in mind while pricing or counting the prices before planning to launch a website.

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