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Website Design Trends of 2010 – Applicable Throughout the World

It has been long established that in this age of World Wide Web, Website Design has become the most important marketing factor for any kind of business throughout the world. In a world that’s increasingly dependent on the internet, no business would stand a chance without a fully functional website. They will be left behind in the archaic world while their competitors will fully utilize the opportunities and experience rapid growth. Conforming to this trend, Dubai is now coming up with extremely talented web designers and developers who are creating some master pieces in web designing works.

It has been observed that consumers are now relying more on the internet search engines than on other means. Therefore, the companies who are not taking full advantage of this global cost-effective advertising means are surely loosing out on an increasing number of potential customers. Keeping up with the demand, countless Web Development trends and techniques are emerging and spreading across this flourishing business industry.

Dubai, being at the head of the economic world, is at par with the website design trends that is applicable across the rest of the world. Web Design in Dubai has now taken the center stage, since every single company across the country is becoming more and more concerned about their global presence and business growth. Dubai web development is as familiar with progression, development and evolution as any other country of the world. Dubai web designers and developers constantly upgrade themselves to develop the most exquisite websites for the millions of large and small companies in Dubai and other foreign clients as well.

Website design and development trends are more or less same in every country. Only few visible differences can be found in some countries. For instance, use of Arabic alphabet is a unique feature found in Middle East web design trends. Here, on most of the websites, the default language used for the content is Arabic, while in maximum continents English is set as the default language.

Following is a list of some of the notable website design and development trends of 2010 that is being followed throughout the world:

1. Creating over-sized Logos and Headers is the latest trend of web designing. The main idea behind making big header and logo is to draw attention of the visitors and leave a permanent impact on them.

2. Sketches and hand-drawn designs are considered to be attractive as well as effective. For this you need not have to be an artist; all you need is a lot of creative sense. With sketches and hand-drawn images, the website becomes an elemental part of the corporate design.

3. Typography is perhaps the trickiest trend of web design. Using different typography on one design and make it look attractive is not an easy job. According to the 2010 trends, using typography cleverly on a site is the biggest challenge.

4. Playing with perspective is another fresh trend of 2010. The desktop perspective view for websites has been explored to the brim. This year designers will focus on creating more realistic view.

5. Interactive and intuitive website design interests visitors and make then want to come-back.

Apart from the mentioned trends, website design is about to experience a lot of other notable changes over the year such as – one-page layout, use of huge image, magazine layout, use of intro-box, over-sized footer and so on.

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